Phillip Milligan is a Psychologist in private practice in Mornington, Victoria. 

Phillip has been registered as a psychologist for over 30 years. He is also endorsed for counselling by the Psychologists Registration Board and the Australian Psychological Society.

For over 30 years he has been involved in a successful private practice having developed a wide range of skills and experience in assessment, seminar presentations, behaviour management and counselling. Medicare and private health insurance, as well as EAP support are given.


In Greek mythology Zeus, king of gods, lived on Mount Olympus and men roamed freely there on the Mount and elsewhere amongst the gods. Living at that time was a man called Epimetheus and he was the wisest amongst the men for he knew the secrets of life. Epimetheus took the beautiful Pandora as his wife (Pandora was fashioned from water and clay by the gods and sent down among mortal man to punish them for Prometheus’s act of stealing fire.) Pandora moved into the home of her new husband, and took up her wifely duties…”

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Bob Montgomery in his book “Surviving: Coping with a Life Crisis” says that people typically go through a number of stages of adaptation as they come to grips with a life changing incident:

1/ Crisis response: Shock / Disbelief / Realisation / Non-emotional survival state.

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It seems to me that change in a person is facilitated mainly in the context of a safe emotional environment, where there is as much affirmation and acceptance as possible.

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